Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2019 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Fairy Goodbody Granville Theatre ltd
2018 Six various shows Lead vocalist Live business
2018 Poezest Medic Mike Bennett
2018 Jack and the Bean Stalk Fairy Wigglebottom Granville Theatre Limited
2017 6 multiple musical style shows Principle Singer Live Business
2016 Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Sell A Door Theatre Company
2016 Peter Pan (Suitcase Stories) Wendy Sell A Door Theatre Company
2016 Looking For You Bahia Sue Van Cole Productions
2016 Cinderella Dandini Granvile Theatre Productions
2015 Sing As We Go Principle singer Gordon Clarkson Productions
2015 Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens Anna Labia Two Box Productions
2015 EuroVixens Principle Singer/Dancer TwoBox Productions
2015 Vixens for Victory Principle Singer TwoBox Productions
2014 Sleeping Beauty Prince Florimund Granville Theatre Ltd
2014 Instructors Poppy Short Play Productions
2014 Angel Of Death Sarah Christopher Hall-Zambrotta
2014 Those That Can't Julia Maidstone Productions
2014 He lives in you; Cabaret Musical staging director/ Principle singer/ Dancer Funsters Entertainment
2014 Prom Night Stacy McQuily Zebedee Productions
2014 Heroes Incorporated Woman Intangible
2014 Pirate show/Cabaret BETTY BUCKLE/Singer (SKIN SUIT) Funsters Entertainment
2013 Mother goose Priscilla/Bruv/Sugar plum fairy Say Two Productions
2013 Dick Whittington Mayor/Mother/Cat/Ms Petticoat/Mrs Farthingale Say Two Productions
2013 Maths Play Amunet/Johannes/Jack/Wife Say Two Productions
2013 Miss-Chief in the Backyard Principle Singer/Dancer Chloe Treend
2013 Cabaret Priniciple Singer Brookstreet Productions
2013 Kick Some Arts Principle Singer/Dancer Brookstreet Productions
2013 Magic To Do Principle Singer Brookstreet Productions
2013 James Bond the Musical Clair Brookstreet Productions
2013 Marriage Proposal BING IS FOR DOING Lady at lunch BING
2012 A Night Before Christmas Kate/Principle Singer/Dancer Brookstreet Productions
2012 Professor Smarty Pants and the Lunch Box Timmy Brookstreet Productions
2012 The Legacy Paula (lead role) Brookstreet Productions
2012 Honk! Lowbutt/Grace Brookstreet Productions